PDF file – the beginning

It’s hard to imagine how innovative the PDF concept was when it was invented in the early 1990’s. Many have thought that such an idea could never exist. The technical obstacles were significant and numerous, yet the value of this kind of product was clear, since it was a real pain in the neck for users to share documents without the requiring the installation of additional applications that support the different word processor formats.

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PDF wasn’t the original name of this technology. At the beginning some called it e-paper, but Adobe chose another name, Camelot, referring to the glorious castle. The first PDF reader was called ‘Carousel’. Eventually, the name changed to a more practical name, the Portable Document Format (PDF), while the reader changed his name to Acrobat.

Costumers didn’t adapt quickly to the new product.¬†Adobe invested a large amount of money to popularize it.

A great advantage of the PDF format is that it is designed to contain future, unknown, technologies in itself. Adobe predicted that users will want to integrate more than texts and images in the PDF file. PDF files have the capacity to integrate movies, music, and buttons, lock PDF from copying and animations. Moreover, the user can even embed other files or run programs from the file itself making the PDF extremely flexible and dynamic. Hundreds of millions of people now use the PDF format to fill out forms, read magazines, and documents.

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PDF files can also contain DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions. This plug-in feature is not always free. However, with PDF No Copy you can add DRM restrictions to your PDF for free and without downloading any software. It provides entirely free protection for your PDF files

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